Leg Veins

Veins on the legs can appear for all kinds of reasons, including pregnancy, long periods on your feet, a bang in the area or just genetics.  If you have an underlying problem such as a bulging varicose vein you will need to get this treated first.  We would recommend seeing your GP for varicose veins.

If you have patches of red/purple leg veins, please come and see us and we will give you our honest, expert advice.  If we think your veins can be treated with our laser (or diathermy) then we can create a personal treatment plan tailored to you. Leg veins often require between 3-6 sessions, however individual cases can vary and they sometimes take less or more, depending on size of the area and capillary.

Number of Sessions IPL Nd YAG
 Single Session £120 £195
 Two Sessions £195 £250
Three Sessions £250 £320

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