Bespoke Packages

Brides & Mother of the Bride
Facial Rejuvenation Treatment Packages

We all have individual needs on this special day, and Elaine Frances will select treatments that together will give you the smoother, lifted radiance using a combination of lasers, peels and tailored facials for that special day.

Anti Age

Illumi Facial. This combination allows the laser light to absorb deeper to give firmer, lifted, blemish free skin, while the peel gives a smoother, pore free finish to the top layers.

Laser and Dermabrasion. This combination is excellent for post acne scarring, allowing the skin to be manually cleansed and resurfaced with the dermabrasion, and then the laser light to penetrate into the scar tissue to soften and produce a smoother surface to the affected areas.

3 System Facial. This is a revolutionary course of therapies, including RF, Nd Yag Laser and IPL. Each treatment is performed on consecutive days to lift sagging jawlines, give deep line reduction, tightening of the skin’s contours and the removal of sun induced age marks, to give you back the face you once had.