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IPL is visible light of various wavelengths which allows hair removal, skin rejuvenation and the removal of skin lesions with very little trauma to the skin. The treatment is quick, gentle and non-invasive. A hand held treatment head is placed against the skin and pulses of light are delivered through a filter which is selected according to the patient’s skin type. The light penetrates the tissue and is absorbed by either the skin or hair, whichever is applicable.

IPL Laser Prices
IPL Laser Skin Treatments often consist of a full-face treatment or isolated body areas, for example, the hands. For hair removal, we can treat single or multiple areas during the same appointment. You can return to normal activitiesimmediately after treatment.
All combinations of body laser therapies attract discounts on two or more areas treated AT THE SAME TIME.
*Special Discount for PCOS clients.

 Hair Removal  Prices

Consultation, Eyebrows,Lip, Lip and Chin, Lip, Chin and Throat,Sides of Face,Breast area,Arms, Forearms,Upper legs,Upper legs & Bikini, Lower Legs & Bikini,Male facial hair, Male chest & abdomen, Male back (full),Male buttocks, Chest area, Hands or Feet,Under arms,Bikini (basic), Bikini (advanced), Bikini and Underarms, Advanced Bikini and Underarms, Bikini and Buttocks, Lower legs,Whole legs, Whole Legs and Bikini, Shoulders & Upper Chest or Upper Back.

All courses of six treatments are charged at the price
of five. Payment options are available on courses

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Dates for the Non Surgical Aesthetic Practitioner:11th July : Treatments include anti-wrinkle injections, to smooth the skin around the eyes,forehead etc,derma fillers,lip enhancement.


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