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Natural? Subtle? Dramatic?
You can have it all with permanent cosmetics

Whether you are getting your brows, eyes or lips enhanced, there are various treatment options depending on how natural, subtle or striking you want the end result to look.

Imitate make-up
If you want to save time applying make-up every morning, then you could ask your permanent cosmetics artist to imitate your favourite eyeliner, lippy or brow pencil.
Eyes: An elite artist will be able to closely imitate your eyeliner – whether it is pencil, liquid or shaded.
Lips: For your favourite make-up look, take along your favourite lippy to your appointment and ask them to and mix their pigments to match.
Brows: City Power Brows and Powder Brows can provide you with fantastic brow definition if you prefer that look, rather than natural hairstrokes.
If you want something more advanced like a Latino eyeliner or French Pearl highlights, you can have that too. Of course, don’t forget to check your artists level of qualification, as these particular treatments require more advanced skills and experience too.  
The natural look
If you want a result that imitates your natural features, then this could be a good choice for you. Here, the artist will select extremely natural colours or blends, which will enhance your face rather than change your looks dramatically.
If you want realistic looking hairstroke brows, a youthful blush of natural colour for your lips, or a little extra definition for your eyes, then this is a good option for you. The results will be less dramatic than some other options, and with the use of natural colour blends, the results will blend into your natural features. 
Reshape or improve symmetry
Permanent cosmetics can also be used to dramatically change how you look. If your lips have thinned over time, lip enhancements are a fantastic way to get more youthful, slightly fuller looking lips, without any of the risks of botox or fillers.
An experienced artist will be able to redesign certain elements of your brow shape, lip contour or lash line. Artists at any level should be capable of redesigning your brow shape to better suit your appearance. Eyes and lip contours take a little more skill and experience, but the results can be absolutely stunning.

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