Elaine Frances...Hand & Foot Therapies


(includes massage and enamel)
French Manicure,Luxury Manicure
Exfoliation, manicure and paraffin wax treatment.
Re-varnish, Express Nails
Full set Gel nails
Overlays, In-fills, Individual nails, Removal of Gels

Includes hard skin removal, leg & foot massage,enamel.
Incorporates cooling foot mask treatment.
Jessica Aroma Pedicure
Incorporates cooling foot mask treatment
Luxury Pedicure
Incorporates exfoliation, pedicure & paraffin wax.

A therapy on it's own and aids swollen arthritics joints
and soothes dry irritated cracked hands.

Shellac/GELeration Nails
Gel Polish Re-varnish, French Polish Soak Off Removal, Removal with varnish; Prices

Minx Heated Foil Wraps:

At Elaine Frances we endevour to bring you the latest in style and fasion.Minx eliminates the multiple steps involved in a manicure.A single coat is applied, and voilà! Perfect nails without the multiple steps of a base coat, two color coats!!
It is hard to believe, but immediately after applying Minx you can cram your feet into your pointiest shoe, without any chance of ruining that perfect manicure. It seems too good to be true, doesn't it? Prices

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Promotions and Events

Dates for the Non Surgical Aesthetic Practitioner:11th July : Treatments include anti-wrinkle injections, to smooth the skin around the eyes,forehead etc,derma fillers,lip enhancement.


This little pen is clinically proven to increase skin firmness by 45% and reduce wrinkles by 27% after eight weeks using it morning and night. Available Now!!

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